General Information

Neural Network World is a bimonthly journal providing the latest developments in the field of informatics with attention mainly devoted to the problems of:
  • brain science,
  • theory and applications of neural networks (both artificial and natural),
  • fuzzy-neural systems,
  • methods and applications of evolutionary algorithms,
  • methods of parallel and mass-parallel computing,
  • problems of soft-computing,
  • methods of artificial intelligence.
The following categories of manuscripts are accepted:
  • 1. Original unpublished scientific papers dealing with the above stated problem areas.
  • 2. Innovative applications of the above mentioned problem areas in science, medicine, economy or technology. In order to make these applications easily understood and reproduced, the scientific journal Neural Network World must insist on the published papers being supported by complete sets of input data as well as source codes related to the applications (a model, a simulation, etc.). There has to be a thorough documentation of the data and the code available to enable the possibility of further replication of the results. If the authors are, for some justifiable reason, unable to provide either the data or the code or both, this must be clearly stated at the beginning of the submission process. In opposite case, all relevant information has to be made accessible together with a clear description of how it can be obtained. It is the sole responsibility of the authors to provide all these materials. Therefore, it is the privilege of the editors not to accept a manuscript for publication, if provision of the data and/or the code and/or the details to access these, proved to be insufficient.
  • 3. Tutorials called upon by the members of Editorial board.
All manuscripts are subjected to peer-reviews by at least two independent reviewers.

Neural Network World is published in 6 issues per annum by Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences in co-operation with Technical University in Ostrava, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Petr Bouchner
Vice-Editor: Prof. Zdenek Votruba
Founder: Prof. Mirko Novák

Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Konviktska 20
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
Phone : +420 224 359 549

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